Game Night Smorgasbord

Menu: Built up THC from Twisty Blunt as a Dab; Ashley’s Shit, Caviar Silver, Moon Rocks, and Mega Queso

Smoking Medium: Dab Rig and Glass Castle

Food Menu: DiGiorno pepperoni pizza


Hey, welcome back to my little hobby blog! Last night Dean and I had an interesting experience. It was definitely an 80s/90s throwback kinda night, filled with children’s board games and an 80s blockbuster. He decided we would finally give our loyal and awesome Twisty a much needed cleaning! That little devil had resin stuck all over it. It had gotten to the point that when we would pull smoke from Twisty, the residue would ooze out of the filter! So, we cleaned it out and Dean was like, “we should try to dab this and see what that’s like.” I couldn’t see a problem with that and got excited by the idea of smoking the resin of so many various premium strains! And so we began –naturally, I hit the dab first. I gotta admit, I was surprised that I didn’t feel that familiar know-you-on your-ass feeling the dab is known to bring. It was much more subtle, but I could tell it would pack a mean punch after a few minutes and it didn’t disappoint. About 15 minutes later, that smorgasbord of resin buildup was showing up and showing out! Of course, by this time, Dean already wanted to smoke something else and so we did. Next up was Glass Castle and it’s medley of buds.

First, let me give a little background story on what we were looking for last night. We were inspired to smoke more of our Indica strains since the night before we smoked them and really liked the feeling. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but we prefer Sativa strains. I love the positivity, focus, and euphoria sativas bring to the party. That being said, they don’t do much for ailments of the body. Sure, whatever hurts is less noticeable because your mind is flying off the handle in Happy Town, but the truth is, it still hurts! Indicas allow the body to relax and severely cut down pain. So, Dean’s knees and back were hurting and I wanted a deep sleep, therefore, that’s how we got on this little indica train. Alright, you’re all caught up. Now for what happened next.

Dean took the first pull and then it was my turn to toke up. Wow! The taste of this herbal concoction was so flavorful! It tasted minty and sweet with a little bit of tang. Definitely an inviting taste, but man did it have a mean kick-back! The burn was acute in our chests, but the effects were damn near instantaneous! Within 5 minutes, his pain was gone and so were my little aches. Not only were we feeling pain free, but also were happy as fuck about it, thanks to our Sativa dominant dab from earlier. Since we both were feeling mile high, we wondered what we should do to keep ourselves occupied. Normally we dance, talk, listen to music, and/or watch a movie. Occasionally we play a game on his PS4, but at the time, we were looking for a different type of game. Here enters Candyland, an American classic family game for ages 3 and over. Yup, you read that correctly. We played Candyland, complete with our red and blue gingerbread children game pieces and brilliant array of techni-color game board and cards. Let me just say this: when I setup the game board, Dean and I were both in a mini mental trip to LaLa Land because the neon bright colors of the game seriously warped us! There are so many yummy, pretty, cute, adorable, colorful, distracting things on that board game! I mean, have you SEEN it lately!? Hahaha! It blew our stoned minds way out into left field. We were so distracted by the game board, that we had the hardest time ever trying to play the game! Lol! It had been years since we played, but seriously, how hard could it possible be? I mean, it’s a game that 3 year olds can play, for crying out loud! And yet, there we were, in all of our 30-something high-as-a-kite splendor positively stumped by a children’s game! LMAO! Just thinking about it makes me laugh uproariously! We eventually figured it out, but man, it was a trip. A bit of advice: you gotta play Candyland stoned, ya’ll! It is so damn funny. Hahaha!

Ok, so we made super quick work out of that game and decided to up the ante to the game Operation. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, that game kicked my ass and I wasn’t high, so I was curious to see if I’d be even more ridiculously awful at retrieving the toilet and clock pieces from the patient’s body (and yes, if you hadn’t figured it out, we were playing that new age bullshit version of the game. The one that although it’s called “Operation,” there are no actual bones/body parts to collect like in the old school game). Once we got the game setup, we realized that this game was much more mild in colors than Candyland. While colorful, it didn’t prompt us to go on a mental vacation to Topsy Turvy Stonerland and so we began the battle of best “surgeon.” Of course, I won! Dean put up a good fight, but in the end, I prevailed! By the time we finished playing games and cleaned up, we wanted to watch a movie. Here enters “Big Trouble, Little China.”

I have definitely heard of the movie, but hadn’t seen it before. I thought it was going to be completely different than it actually is. Although we didn’t finish watching, I laughed uproariously at a number of random things that probably weren’t even meant to be funny throughout what I saw of the movie! Unfortunately, about 30-40 minutes into the movie, I was already falling asleep and so we decided to call it a night and head to bed. All that being said, I can honestly say that I had a blast! It was fun, unorganized, carefree, and just what the doctor ordered!

Til next time, my friends.

-Hardy Har



7/25/17 7:45 pm

Dabbed around 7:35

Menu: BLACK LIME + TANGY mixture

7:47: Decided it would be a good idea to document my HS sesh, but as a blog post! So yes, I am hiiiiiiiigggggghhhhh guys!!! This is what I do when I am smoking: i take notes. I like to document the experience of each session. We try so many different types of premium kush that we are able to make these killer combos. Each combo is unique and each experience is different. I like to document the differences. At the end of this blog post, I will re-write the menu and provide a list of benefits (anxiety, physical pain, etc.). 7:49

7:49: Dean just experienced a surge. He just said “this shit is fucking INTENSE!” Yeah, Tangy always digs her feet in. That shit is a BEAST!! BTW, I am super focused right now. I have a thousand ideas and thoughts swirling around in my mind, but I am still intently taking these notes! I love this feeling! I feel like I am in total control of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. It feels good. 7:52

7:53: That was the longest one minute, though!!! LOL!!!

7:59: Finally got my ridiculous phone powered back on after 8 hours of it being off! Guys, do yourself a favor and DO NOT get a Motorolla phone!! The batteries are SHIT! Okay, side note: Dean was straight up over here beating on his chest for a cool 10-15 seconds. hahaha! Wtf? 8:01

8:03: Texting with my aunt. She has me cracking up! Now that’s a chick who is in desperate need to get high! She scared, though. Hahaha! Don’t worry, guys. I’ll break her! LOL! 8:05

8:16: Been chatting my favorite Cuba group. Though my phone is still a piece of shit, at least the charge is holding better. It hasn’t gone down too quickly (mind you, it’s on the charger). POS phone! >:O Dean is ordering pizza. Yay! 😀 8:18

8:42: Well, my phone is now at 9%. POS… Dean went to get the pizza about 5 minutes ago. 8:43

8:45: Feeling a vibrating sensation around my ears. Feels like my head is full of energy, but I haven’t gotten out of the bed yet. I have just been focused on typing and interacting with Dean and FB. I don’t feel lethargic, though. I know that if I get up, I will be up for a while. This energy I have would be great in a workout. I’d put this under the cardio-exercise category. It’s the perfect combination of focus and energy. 8:47

8:51: You ever wonder how you can hardly take anything at face value anymore? I mean, everything can be altered, chopped, and photoshopped! Things we used to consider irrefutable (like videos) are now questionable! It is the most annoying thing. We are a society that teaches distrust and proves corruption. You feel me or am I alone in this thinking? Hmm… 8:52

8:55: One of the things I love about being high is how lost in my thoughts I can become. In my day-to-day life, I rarely sit alone with my thoughts. I am always engaging my mind outside my psyche (FB, Dean, pets, etc.). It is really a freeing feeling to just contemplate things. It doesn’t even matter what I think about. It could be something silly, funny, sad, philosophical, inventive –anything, really. I especially like to focus in on a problem that needs solving in my life. I take full advantage of my sharper thinking capabilities when I am high. I become very calculating. I am happy to take risks because I can assess the risk very well when I am high. When I’m not high, my self-doubt, anxiety, and generally over-emotion state of mind is unable to process information in the same way. Many facts and important details are overlooked. When I’m high, I feel mentally powerful and emotionally positive. That is exactly how I am feeling now. 9:01

9:02: Dean is back. Chow time. nom nom nommmm!! Actually, he’s feeding the kids so while I am waiting (yes, I am that spoiled), I think it’s a good time to check out some of these settings on wordpress. I need to figure out how to use these blasted features! 9:04

9:21: Okaaay, now that I’ve knocked back two slices of pizza, I’m ready to find  a movie a chill! This is out nightly routine, anyway –watching a show or movie. Then I will likely pass out because, ya know, I LOVE my sleep. So with that, and all the rest, I bid you all a good night (or day)!


Hardy Har

P.s. I’ll have to post the menu and keywords later! Lol