Productive Flower Power


Howdy friends! Oh, look at that –I’m back with ANOTHER new blog post so soon! Shocking, I know, but there’s a reason for that and I bet you can guess exactly what it is! If your hazy mind went straight to the obvious answer (marijuana), then congratulations, Captain Obvious, you hit the nail on the head (I mean, duh, what else would it be about? This is a weed blog, ain’t it?)! Yes, guys, my sudden burst of productivity is solely due to the power of these beautiful flowers! Now, if you are one of those people still holding onto the outdated stereotype of lazy, stupid-giddy, slacking hippies, then grab a chair and learn something new, because the average “stoner” these days is highly accomplished and a super producer! You may be wondering how toking everyday now and then can help you be more productive when every D.A.R.E. pamphlet and TV commercial you saw growing up (and even now) proclaim loudly how detrimental and dangerous weed is! I mean, after all, it is a “gateway drug,” right [insert major fucking eye roll here]? Okay, let me break this down for you.

As human beings, we have a completely amazing neurotransmitter stored in our brains called dopamine. Sound familiar? Yeah, I am sure you have heard of it. Dopamine is a chemical in our brain responsible for the communication between our brain and the rest of our body. While dopamine is present in the brains of all animals, only humans have copious amounts, which ultimately evolved us to the dominant species. So, what does dopamine have to do with weed? Well, when we smoke or eat cannabis, large amounts of dopamine are released within the brain. Usually the dopamine chemical is regulated by another neurotransmitter called GABA; however, the THC relaxes the function of GABA. This chemical reaction is what allows marijuana users to feel relaxed, happy, adventurous, creative, aaaand ::drum roll:: FOCUSED! Okay, so now you know how this shit works! That’s pretty amazing, right?

I hope I’ve got your wheels turning because now you should be asking yourself, “if that’s what’s happening behind the scenes in our brains when we smoke weed, then why do we have the lazy stoner stereotype? The answer to that is simple: propaganda! Much like how alcohol was illegal and stigmatized, marijuana has suffered a similar, more extreme fate. The media has been used to push the image of  lazy, unmotivated, slacking smokers because “the powers that be” don’t want people reaching their HSs. When people can easily, and affordably, buy a bag of weed, why would we need expensive, addiction forming drugs like Ritalin? Yup, put your conspiracy theorist hat on and start asking and answering those questions! I’m sure you’ll find there are far more benefits to marijuana than disadvantages!

Til next time, friends…

Hardy Har



Emotions + Marijuana


Okay guys, let’s talk mental and emotional wellness. You all don’t know [well, you do now] that I was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD a couple of years ago. So, what exactly does that mean for me? In regards to the anxiety, anything can cause me a huge amount of stress. It can be as common as financial woes or as personal as having lost a loved one that can literally send me into a full on mental assault. Luckily for me, I am not one of the sufferers that has panic attacks; however, if something hits that “anxiety button” in my head, I can become deeply rooted in the whirlwind that is comprised of my negative emotions. Not only does that chaotic whirlwind hit me, but it swallows me up and it becomes nearly impossible to get out. It feels a lot like drowning. Logically, I know that “this too shall pass,” but I become unable to stop the cycle of fear and feelings of hopelessness. With the PTSD sprinkled in there, it was hard for me to allow casual and affectionate touching; be comfortable in large crowds; or do something as simple as party at a straight club (yes, I only used to go to gay clubs because that’s where I felt the most comfortable). All that sounds shitty and limiting, right? Oh, trust me, it is. So what does this have to do with weed? Well, keep reading, my dear friends. This is about to get interesting!

Prior to smoking marijuana, I was accustomed to the constant bats butterflies in my stomach, headaches, and heart palpitations. It was a regular part of my daily life; sure it was annoying, but it felt a lot like breathing. When I began the smoking the good stuff, I began to access my “higher self.” Higher Self (HS), in addition to actually being “high,” it also refers to the state of mind that is above the lower self (LS), which is mostly the level at which many of us function. Confusing? Okay, think of it this way: HS is that part of you that rises above the bullshit, pushes through the pain, and accomplishes what it set out to do. HS has only one goal: happiness. Anything that does not lead to happiness simply doesn’t exist to HS. For example, my HS knows working out daily is necessary and will ultimately allow me to reach my goal of a healthy lifestyle, which equals (you guessed it) happiness! Now, without smoking, the likelihood of me following through on any goal I set for myself is a longshot and a half! It doesn’t mean I don’t want to achieve things, but the mental blocks on my HS are too strong for my to penetrate. Oh, but when my beloved Mary Jane seeps into my blood stream and permeates my mind, there is absolutely NOTHING I cannot or will not do to obtain my happiness!

I suddenly become this bustling, active, CONFIDENT, positive, thought-provoking, risk-taking super woman! Small annoyances like Dean constantly leaving bottle caps off of full water bottles becomes much less annoying and I am able to communicate my distaste for the behavior in a constructive manner. My relationship with my daughter instantly skyrockets, too! I loosen up and become fun and positive. I can work with her through a tough moment without ever once eroding her self-esteem or getting mad. I’m telling you, it is truly amazing and feels WONDERFUL! In a nutshell: I become a different person. I have documented many of my smoke seshes, both audio and written, and I have determined that it is almost like I become a different person. My likes and dislikes change; my ability to be constructively self-aware is alive and fully engaged; and I become hyper aware of the impact I have on others. I cannot even begin to tell you how many “ah-ha” moments I have when I’m high! It’s like the warden of my mental prison let my HS out on a day pass. You feel me? I know I am not the only one who gets this or has a similar experience. To that end, share your thoughts and experiences with me. I am always interested to know how medical marijuana has shaped the lives of others.

Family Buds

Hey, welcome back, guys – actually, I think you should be saying that to me! After my first blog post I totally went MIA. That definitely wasn’t intentional, but yo, there have been some major things in life happening, man. Let’s play catch up, shall we? Here goes the condensed version of events:

Dean and I went to Vegas the night of 4/21 due to several pressing family matters. Dean really urged me to go (yeah, I really wasn’t feeling it) and I am so happy he did. The main reason we went was because my aunt was losing her battle with cancer; although, there were a number of other family-oriented things that needed my attention. Anyway, we went and we got to see my aunt. I am so happy we did. It was definitely hard, but she was grateful to see us. There’s something to be said about sitting with a person has they are transitioning to the next experience. There was a stillness to her. She was conscious, but she said she was ready to go. She spoke so highly of her sons, my cousins, who were solid rocks for her during this last two years. It was a beautiful reminder that we should all take precious care of our parents. I decided to spend the afternoon at the hospital with her, my two other aunts, and my cousin. It was actually really nice. So, I skipped something – As we were walking into the room, Captain America (C A) was leaving. Long story short, we decided to meet up in an hour to smoke some bud in the car (hahaha).

While I was visiting at the hospital, C A called me to come to the parking lot. Please tell me why we pulled into a parking stall at the back of the lot and blazed?!?! Hahahaha! It was such a crazy and exhilarating experience! I never in a million years would have guessed I’d be fuckin getting stoned while sitting in a hospital parking lot, but hey, I guess when opportunity knocks, you gotta open the door! Lol! Can I just tell you how LAME my sweet cousin’s weed was?! DUDE!!! After smoking the major top shelf hitters like Lamb’s Breath, Gorilla Girl Scout Cookies, and No Name, I’d say that I have been catapulted into a whole new level because his shit was WHAAAAACCCKKKK!!! HAHA! I told him about the shit Dean and I smoke and C A immediately was like “we gotta smoke before you guys leave!” So we set a date to meet at my sister’s house for some fun times. I think we smoked for like 10 minutes before my sister arrived to pick me up and by the time I got out of his truck, my tiny little buzz was GONE! Dude’s shit was like dried lawn grass! LMAO! I can’t believe people actually smoke that shit. I knew right then and there, that C A’s mind was going to be BLOWN that night!

Ok, so fast forward to that night (4/22) at my sister’s house. Ok, so my sister named herself Kea for the blog. Haha! Kea –wtf? Lol whatever. Anyway, Dean, Kea and I are sitting in her backyard about to blaze out of the new bong, AKA Magic Castle. On the menu that night was the newly acquired Pink Lemonade. Dean had gone a scavenger hunt earlier in the day of 4/21 for this mystical strain. On that run, he also scored some BOMB ASS Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (my favorite, but that’s a story for another blog post). So, Dean loaded up Magic Castle with Pink Lemonade and some THC wax. I ate the Korova edible and Dean and Kea ate the sativa gummy. We started smoking at 7:00 pm on the nose. Dean took the first hit, followed by Kea. Now, Kea hadn’t smoked in a year so I knew this shit was gonna hit her HARD and it sure as fuck did!! She almost fucking DIED choking to death! LMAO!!! She tripped on her stiletto, fell into her patio chair and proceeded to cough uproariously for like 10 minutes! SHE WAS RED, DUDE! HAHAHA! I was trying not to laugh, but by then I had already taken my hit and found the spectacle in front of me hilarious! She finally stopped hacking up her lungs and began to enjoy the riiiide. Hahahaha! Dean and I were chilling in the swing, mellow as fuck. Kea got giddy and funny as hell! I mean, really funny! I made the best gif of her convulsing with laughter. It was priceless! Haha!

At 7:17 pm, Dean and I decided to take a hit of No Name because Pink Lemonade was slow to get me “there.” It’s subtle and I am used to an instant assault on my brain. Haha. Basically, I wanted to get higher, harder and faster. Lol! At this point, Kea was GONE! She TORE UP a bag of popcorn and between laughing fits would become very quiet. It was about this time that she declared “I can’t see!” Dean and I broke out into laughing fits! We carried on in this fashion (laughing, talking, zoning in and out) until C A called desperate to get over to us to smoke. He and his girlfriend, Yogi, weren’t there yet because they had a dinner date with her family. When he called me, I was CLEARLY and definitely stoned out of my ass and he got super hyped and said they weren’t even going to eat! They would grab two drinks and then be on their way. HAHA! I told him that was cool and that I was ordering pizza. This was about 8:00 pm and I was feeling really giddy, but calm and relaxed. I was mostly laughing in my head and not too much outwardly. I was pretty sure that was the effect of No Name. That feeling brought with it the familiar focus aspect that I love. I would lose my train of thought, but would be able to chase it down and finish it out quickly. Because Kea took such a huge hit, she was already at that faze before Dean and I got there. I’m sure the No Name interfered and took us on additional rides of euphoria. Kea was quiet, but Dean was extra talkative and cracking all kinds of hilarious jokes!

At 8:50 pm, C A called to say he and Yogi were on their way! Unfortunately, at this point, my phone died, so I don’t have anymore detailed accounts of what happened, but it went something like this: C A and Yogi arrived, along with the pizza (fuckin $70 pizza, man). Dean and Yogi hit Pink Lemonade and Lamb’s Breath. Yogi did Pink Lemonade and got super energetic and giddy. We started talking about spiritual shit. Kea was still zoned the fuck out, stretched out across two patio chairs! C A got sooooo high he was like, “Babe. I can’t even tell you how high I am. I am so high right now, if I stood up, I would fall.” Of course Dean and I break out into ridiculous laughter. LOL! The way he said it was sooooooo damn funny! Haha! Basically, the night carried on like this: various peaks and valleys of highs and lows until midnight. We went back to my dad and aunt’s house where we gave dad, AKA Daddy Toker (DT, named himself) some of our Private stash since he had been in pain earlier. That shit BLEW HIS MIND!! He looked like “WTF is going on?!” It was really funny, but I was already coming down and just wanted to sleep. We all slept like we were DEAD and woke up still stoned the next day! We felt really relaxed, but focused too. C A and Yogi went jet skiing, Dean and I drove back to LA, and Kea went to work. Unfortunately, Kea wasn’t very good at her job that day. Lol! Needless to say, she went back home after her first client. Haha!

Before we left for LA, we gifted DT and my aunt, Gummy (lmao), with some Premium Jack with Wesley Pipes (our little pipe). Dad got so fucked up, he was staring off into space and then said, in all seriousness, “the birds are my friends.” Dean, Gummy, and I just about died laughing!!! Then DT started CRYING! I don’t know where the fuck his mind went, but wherever it went, it was deep as fuck!! Gummy didn’t say much, but continued laughing for a while. She only took one hit, but she hasn’t smoked for like 30+ years, so yeah…she was getting fucked up! Hahaha! After we enjoyed watching them get high and experience pain relief, we got in the car and headed to Cali. DISCLAIMER: We DID NOT smoke, but only gave them some. Dean was good to drive and we arrived safely.

Man, I cannot tell you guys how amazing it was to just chill the fuck out and blaze with my family like that. We had so much fun and it truly was a bonding experience, man. It was so awesome. It was our first time smoking with more than just our neighbor and I was a little nervous about it, but it turned out just fine. I felt comfortable and didn’t have to worry about controlling my high. I could just be, which of course, is the fuckin point.

At 12:15 am, 4/24, my aunt passed away…

Spend your time enjoying life and your loved ones, friends. This experience is short and time is the only valuable commodity. Use it wisely and lovingly.

Stay high,

Hardy Har



420: What a marvelous day!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hey guys, Hardy Har here and I am currently reveling in the joy of what today is. In case you didn’t know, 420 (or April 20) is the day all of us stoners and cannalovers pay tribute to the natural gift of marijuana. But where and when did this originate? What is the purpose? Well, I had absolutely no clue (remember, beginner here), so I looked it up. Here’s what I discovered…

Get this: it began in the 1971 in San Rafael, California by a group of high school stoners given the clever moniker of “Waldos” thanks to their preferred hangout spot, a wall at their school. So Waldos 1, 2, and 3 heard a rumor that a local Coast Guard member was unable to take care of his crowing crop of Mary Jane and decided they would help themselves to the abandoned, and now free, crop. With the decision made, they decided to meet after school, at 4:20, to embark on their search for the bud. One of the Waldos later recollected to The Huffington Post for a 420 article back in 2010 that they “would remind each other in the hallways we were supposed to meet up at 4:20. It originally started out 4:20-Louis and [they] eventually dropped the ‘Louis.'”

Armed with a map (I have no clue where they got it from), the set out in search of the motherload. They searched a number of times without finding the “treasure” and everyday would set out again at 4:20. Before they’d begin searching, though, they would make sure to blaze hard and strong and continue the entire time the looked for the crop. It’s no surprise they never found this mysterious and free bud. Hahaha! Though they didn’t find what they were looking for, they did discover an awesome and clever codeword. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the birth of 420! The clever Waldos would use this code to convey all sorts of messages regarding weed: “Are you high now? You smoking later? You go some?” The rest, as they say, is history. To learn more about the global spread of the 420 code, check out that article here. It’s pretty awesome how it spread so widespread.

So, how will I be celebrating the day? By plugging up the trusty bong, aka Glass Castle, with some top shelf mostly-sativa hybrid bud called Apple Fritter. Ya’ll, this shit smells sooooooooo good! It is positively PRETTY! So hairy and pure. I should have taken pics of it before I ground it up; next time, friends! Man, I cannot wait to blaaaze! Stay tuned for my thoughts/review about it.

Now, with all that being said, I hope everyone blazes up, hard and true! Get to your Higher Selves; I know I will. Haha! Happy high, friends!


Hardy Har