Active High Sesh: Big Mouth, Bigger High

Hey tokers! Welcome back to my page. This blog post was actually written October 24, 2017, but for whatever reason, I never posted it. I am here to remedy that right now! 

On this night, Dean had the brilliant idea to make a super hybrid! It’s always exciting to try new mixes. I’ve smoked and documented these individual strains before so it was interesting to me to try them all at once. This is probably one of my favorite combos. 

It was relaxing and social, but the indica notes present in the combo provided that focus I am addicted to. Granted, there were plenty of times I got distracted, I can say that I was still able to get quite a bit accomplished that night. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the read and visit me again soon! 



Menu: Jack Herrer (sativa) + Blue Dream (hybrid) + Platinum Dutch Treat (hybrid)

Food: Some delicious fajita style chicken and veggies sans the tortilla and Cascadian Farm Honey Oat granola cereal. Lol Random as f*ck!

7:41 We started smoking about 45 mins (I think) ago, but I didn’t start taking notes until now. So, Dean and I have been watching this show called Big Mouth on Netflix. Guys, let me tell you something: I have NEVER laughed so hard at a show! It’s one of those animated adult cartoons like South Park, but WAY funnier! I mean, this shit is 100% relatable AND it tackles major stereotypes and social problems by making you think and laugh hilariously! Just watch it because my description is not doing it justice! 7:46

7:48 Earlier, I asked 20 other cannabis users which of them smoked for depression/anxiety. Only two female smokers responded and they both had similar experiences to mine: anxiety and/or depression prone, but functional. The first half of the day, I was chipper, excited, and motivated. By the second half of the day, I began to feel down in the dumps. Guys, this rollercoaster of despair only ever occurs when I am on my period!! I had PMS prior to Feb 2017, but since I started smoking weed, I feel like I have the WORST PMS ever and it lasts the whole period and not just the beginning like before!! Sorry for the TMI, but for the female smokers out there, maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying. I feel like I need to smoke more than my usual amount to compensate for the PMS, otherwise I crash. It’s crazy. Has anyone else felt this way? 7:54

Yeah…this pretty much sums it up!

7:56 Dean and I are talking about what we think is happening when my emotions get like this. He said, when we first met, my regular demeanor was at a baseline of negativity. Meaning, feeling down was normal, so I could function very well there. When I started progressing and making small changes (those turned into bigger changes) in my life, my baseline became more positive, meaning feeling HAPPY became the norm. So, when my hormones come in and shit on my life (thanks Mother Nature), it drags me back to that negative space and I can’t handle it! That’s the rollercoaster! It totally makes sense now why it hits me so hard. Being a Debbit Downer simply isn’t normal to me anymore. I have moved passed that, even prior to smoking weed in February. The difference is that I feel freer in general. I hope this makes sense to you. We could be way off base, but that seems to make so much sense right now. It describes exactly what I am experiencing. 8:04

8:11 We just hit a dead zone in our exciting conversation. Lol. We were so hyped up about our business ideas and then we just went back to working: me with the blog post, him with his business Instagram page. Ya’ll, he for real started the day with 500 followers. It is 8:12 pm on the same day and he now just reached 17k (Now over 40k)!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are freaking out! He even has his own trending hashtag!!! So damn exciting! Now I need to implement what he did on my shit and watch this blog take off! ::kicks self in ass:: lol! 8:15

Ha! Me trying to focus when I am high.

8:21 About the high: Well, this is some type of homemade hybrid again (we have the habit of getting locked into a pattern of the same thing) featuring Jack Herrer + Bluedream + Dutch Platinum. It’s got that harsh, vampire thirst throat burn that I absolutely loathe! I always know when we are smoking JH because it is such a harsh inhale to me. The motherfucker will get you high, but it’ll burn your throat out in the process! Anyway, this combo is one hell of a cocktail! I feel so much better than I did before, but mellow at the same time. Euphoria isn’t present, but I don’t even care because the high is so uplifting! Really good combo! I bet I will sleep like I’m in a coma. Haha! Love those deep sleeps! 8:25

8:29 We’re back to watching Big Mouth and it just refuses to disappoint! The jokes are just soooooo inappropriate and hilarious! This is the perfect high-sesh-thing to watch! As it is, I could barely finish this note because I was laughing so hard. If you’re sensitive, don’t watch it. If you’re open minded and/or high, go for it!! You won’t regret it! 8:36


9:20 Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost two hours! We finished all of Big Mouth and were so sad that we couldn’t continue to watch the show that we started it over from the beginning! This first episode is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Lmao! It is ridiculously funny! (In case you didn’t notice, I am totally BAKED right now!) 9:22

9:24 Dean went to make himself some tacos and I sorta accidentally smoked like 90% of what was left in the bowl! LMAO! I literally started stifle-laughing so he wouldn’t hear me! He’s gonna be in for an unhappy surprise when he comes back! 😂​ Actually, there’s a chance that he may be too baked to even notice. We shall see. 9:27

9:35 He noticed. 😂😂😂​ Refill time, please! 9:35

9:46 This show…OMG please watch it! So, it’s been two hours since I started typing this. Feels like it’s been about an hour. I can’t get over the weird thing that happens to time when you’re inebriated by whatever preferred substance (i.e. alcohol, mushrooms, etc.). What is it about time when we are high? I need to look that shit up and read someone else’s thoughts about it. Haha. Anyway, I am going to call it quits for the night. It’s been 2 hours and a thousand words later, cheerio, dahlings!

Til next time,

Hardy Har

The Pursuit of Higher Self


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