Unicorns and Mary Jane: A Halloween Story

This post was written on 11/1/17, but due to technical difficulties, the post is a day late.


Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by again. Today’s post is a recap on Halloween 2017 for me and mine.

The Kiddo dressed up as an “alicorn,” but everyone just kept calling her a unicorn (mom included). If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “WTF is an alicorn?” Well, my friends, please step into the realm of 10-year-old girl interests. An alicorn is a unicorn with wings! You got it! Mama was a Unicorn and had the hots for daddy, a Pegasus and BAM! An alicorn was born! Haha! Please feel free to thank My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for that fascinating, fairy-tale biology lesson.

Anyway, she was truly, the prettiest little unicorn/alicorn thingy ever! It was a total DIY costume comprised of things we already owned with the addition of some Dollar Tree buys to make her unicorn horn headband. I gotta admit, I impressed myself with how well the headband looked. Unfortunately I was too lazy forgot to make ears for it, but I doubt anyone but me noticed.

Halloween has never been one of those days that ever really interested me. I never have been much of a candy eater and I always loathed trick-o-treating as a kid. In fact, my mom used to force me to go every year because she loved/loves it so much! For me, dressing up was fun, but outside of that, meh, no interest. If it didn’t involve a scary movie night in, it was a pass for me.

Introducing The Kiddo (and witchy photo bomber). Isn’t she lovely?!

Fast forward to parenthood and The Kiddo is ALL ABOUT Halloween. She loves it from top to bottom: the costume, the school parade, and the trick-o-treating. Ironically enough though, she doesn’t eat any candy except chocolate. She always picks out all the nut-less chocolate treats from her haul and gives the rest to others (us, grandparents, neighbors, etc). I eventually throw it away, but we all enjoy picking out our fave here and there.

This Halloween, I decided to approach it with a whole new attitude! As you know, Dean and I usually have our high seshes in the evenings, so I was faced with a dilemma of having to trick-o-treat instead of blaze! Haha! Yeah, it’s that much of a priority for me. So, what did I decide to do? Smoke BEFORE we left, of course! I figured it would be an awesome idea and allow me to actually have fun trick-o-treating instead of being a poop.

The Kiddo and I got home from school around 3 and she hung out with Nana and Papa at their house (next door) while Dean and I toked it up at my house. Why not? We had three hours to kill before heading out for the spooky adventure.


Can I just say that I am SO happy we did that?! I uttered not a single complaint about the uphill walking, the limited houses giving out treats (I suspect this has something to do with the World Series), or anything at all. I was just a free, fun-loving, awesome mom out with her family begging strangers for candy. I can honestly say it was my first time thoroughly enjoying trick-o-treating.

The Alicorn had such a great time with us. She laughed, played, ran, and was so happy to see her mommy have fun, too. Looking back on it, what occurred was me being my best self in that moment and it cost me absolutely nothing.

Not only did we all have fun together, but I also got some really great photos! Gotta admit I was pretty impressed with some of the shots I took. I mean, I’m no pro, but hey, I dig them and maybe you will, too. All the pictures featured on this post were shot by yours truly and are from last night.

One of the pictures I took. Not too shabby!


Moral of the story? This was a major win for me personally. I could actually feel and see the changes I have made in my life working in that moment. Sure the weed helped, but if I am being totally honest, I knew I didn’t need to smoke to loosen up. I know I have already begun implementing changes in my daily life to make sure that each interaction reaches is optimal point. I don’t always reach it, and some days are certainly harder than others, but I work on it daily.

I have changed so much that I am becoming one of those happy, carefree people who bring happiness instead of negativity to others. There are people who live their lives like that daily. We all know who they are. They are the ones drowning in happiness and success. I’ve wanted to be one of those people all my life and thanks to my medical marijuana, I am becoming one more and more.

Thanks for reading.

Hardy Har

The Pursuit of Higher Self



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