5 Ways to Begin Transforming Your Life


Mango Cookies (hybrid)

Photo Courtesy of Pearl Pharma

Hey guys! Welcome back to my little blog.

Because this post is less about the weed and more about the 5 steps, I don’t talk about cannabis at all; however, I’d like to give a brief note about the high:

Can I just say how much I LOVE any Cookies strain? Cookies strains, aka Girl Scout Cookies, are sativa dominant and always bring that fun, energetic high I love so much. The Mango part of the combo sweeps through with that lovable relaxation and focus thanks, to its indica notes. This combination allowed me to write this thoughtful post AND do a long and challenging workout. I would write a little and stop to work out. This went on for what seemed like hours! The energy boost I got was super needed, but it wasn’t so over the top that I couldn’t be reflective and focused. This is a marvelous strain and I recommend you give it a shot if you can find it where you are. Now, on to the post!


Photo courtesy of SD Times

Today my mind has been going in 10387834 directions all at once, but one topic that keeps cycling through is that of change. Now, I speak (and write) about change quite a bit lately, but this one is a little different to me.

For the past few weeks, several people have come out the woodwork to say variations of the same exclamation that sounds something like, “Hey, you’ve changed SO much! How did you do it?” And each time someone says that to me, I experience two thoughts: 1. you’re seeking MY advice? and 2. I haven’t changed, but am always in the process of changing.

The first thought is just silly self-doubt popping up to say hello. It can’t be anything more than that because why would it be? People are only going to seek information from a source they trust has the answer. So, in their eyes, I must have it all figured out, right? Not exactly, BUT I am willing and able to share my truths. If someone finds value in those truths, who am I to deny them access to information? This brings me to point numero dos!



I am so thrilled my changes have become apparent through the eyes of others, but in my way of thinking, I still have many more changes to perform and many lessons to learn. There is always room for growth. Never again do I want to become as I was: complacent and stuck. I much prefer the revolving doors of change.

There was a time in my life (not all that long ago) during which I lived fully in the Land of Complacency. I was stuck and bored and clueless to it all. Now I have friends and family seeking my advice. Guys, that shit still boggles my mind! So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to write a How To post regarding the topic of personal transformation.

The five “steps” below are the exact steps I have taken to begin transforming my life, but not necessarily in this order. Though the steps are numbered, you can arrange them however you see fit. Remember, everything I write is based on my experiences. Your life experiences will certainly differ from mine, but I think this could be a helpful starting point for creating your own way to transformation.


1. Accept your shortcomings.

Easier said than done, right? Yeah, I know it seems that way, but it truly isn’t hard. The act of actually admitting and accepting your faults really is quite simple. What is challenging, and frankly, downright miserable is facing all the feelings about those shortcomings. For example, I needed to finally accept my own hand in the course my life has taken, for not only the good, but the bad, too. I didn’t like how it felt to admit that I made a bad decision that yielded a negative consequence, but once I finally allowed myself to feel the disappointment, I was able to grow from it. The same can happen for you.

2. Get to know your true self.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to realize you DO NOT KNOW IT ALL! Yes, I know for some of us that is tough one, but let’s face it: many of us have no idea who the hell we really are! In not knowing who we are, we are vastly unaware of how we impact our own lives and the lives of others with our ignorance of self. Question your likes and dislikes. Believe it or not, but you’ve been molded by your parents, society, religion, and social norms. It’s okay to admit you still have some learning to do. I assure you, when you start thinking in this way, you’ve already completed a change!

Take up a quiet hobby like writing. You don’t have to be James Baldwin when you put pen to paper, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t deem yourself a “writer.” Writing is a great way to be self-reflective. Keeping a journal would be effective in learning about yourself. Write about your day in immense detail; focus on the interactions with people you had, and then read it again. Chances are you will find something helpful in your notes to propel your journey ahead. Make sure to notate the questions you may ask yourself. Having more questions than answers is a huge sign of progress! Give it a go and see where it takes you.


Mentor word cloud


3. Find a mentor!

Dean recommended this to me and I thanked him tremendously for the idea! He doesn’t know it, but he has been my mentor these last almost 6 years. He had information I needed, but couldn’t quite understand. His patience, kindness, and tough-love approach eventually began to take root and grow.

For you, finding someone to light the path is absolutely necessary. You want someone who clearly possesses experience and knowledge you don’t have. These people are usually very successful in business, relationships, parenting, and finances. They are full of helpful advice and offer a fresh perspective.

4. Upgrade your social circle!!!!

Yo, this step is SO necessary, but it’s a doozy! If you’re trying to improve your life, but your circle of friends are stuck in the loop of never going anywhere meaningful, then guess what: it’s time to move the hell on! Just like you are what you eat, you are also the company you keep! Similarly to finding a mentor, you want to seek friendships from people who have information you don’t. Maybe they are young entrepreneurs and have the drive and stamina to motivate a small country. Or maybe they are community volunteers/leaders or even stay-at-home moms. Whoever these positive light-shining people are, find them. Chances are, you know someone who fits this bill already. Believe me when I tell you like attracts like. If your friends are garbage, so is everything they touch. Don’t be garbage. Be golden!



5. Be loving to yourself.

This is, in my opinion, the most important step. Loving yourself can be done in a variety of ways. It can be from personal grooming like haircuts, manis and pedis, or working out to indulging in a favorite activity such as singing, reading, or writing. Whatever you choose to do, be mindful of the purpose: self-love and self-care. Whatever you uncover about yourself during your “me-time,” remember to affirm OUT LOUD your love for yourself. Everything begins and ends with you in that beautiful life of yours!


As usual, I truly hope you were able to find some value in this post. It felt really good to write and it feels even better when people find my pieces helpful or inspiring. Thank you for reading and please give this post a share to anyone you know that might need a boost in a new direction.

Til next time,

Hardy Har

The Pursuit of Higher Self

Active High Sesh: Affirming Positive Change


Hey guys! Welcome back to my stoner corner of the internet. I am so thrilled you stopped by! 

I bet you can guess what today’s post is about. I’ll give you a hint: the title says it all! If you guessed affirmations, change, and POSITIVITY, then you guessed correctly! Sorry, I’m all out of prizes, but hey, at least you get to read the amazing prose I laid down for you. Ha. 

Before I let you get to the post, I want to discuss the amazing menu. I didn’t mention anything about the high in the post so I want to make sure I highlight that information. After all, this is a cannabis lifestyle blog! 

So, this combo was sooooooo damn amazing that I really want to smoke it again tonight! It is just ridiculously awesome! It’s a hybrid combo, but it is predominantly indica based and it packs a major punch! That punch consists of deep, deep thinking (I personally love that), extreme focus (like, laser-focused), with a little social buzz thrown in. Oh! And how could I forget about the crazy, amazing, delicious, sexy time flare Wet Dream brought to the party. What can I say? This combo is the perfect trifecta! 





King Louis + Wet Dream (absolutely f*cking amazing mix)

9: 51 Affirmations. That seems to be the theme of this dwindling day of mine. The fact that I am even writing anything about affirmations at all is a blaring sign of just how much I have changed. Wow. Sometimes I need to take a moment and appreciate my growth.

Anyway, as I was saying: I’ve been thinking a lot about affirmations lately. I have even gone so far as to actually start doing them on my own and with The Kiddo. It occurred to me that we didn’t do our affirmations today. I used to think that whether doing affirmations or not, it would have no impact on my day. I believed that, even to the smallest degree, up until today when I realized I noticed the absence of my self-love.


Isn’t that something? To me it is everything! I could tell a difference in my overall perspective of my day. I felt very lazy mentally. I couldn’t quite get motivated to go above and beyond. I felt myself slipping into complacency, the complete opposite direction of where I’m trying to go. Complacency is a place I’ve been before, where I dwelled and built a life. I now seek a new experience.

Needless to say, I mentally said a few affirmations this evening. I needed to reign in that negative energy and replace it with the ease of positivity. I have to admit, it felt good. Got me to thinking, “Hey, why didn’t I do this earlier?” It really is such a simple thing, but it effectively reminded me to tap into my Higher Self.

It’s the implementation of a thought process. One that is free of negative constraints. Try it and see for yourself! Before you know it, you’re wearing locs in your hair, smoking weed, and writing a blog about affirming yourself. Ha! See what I mean about the change I mentioned earlier? The woman I am today wasn’t even a possibility for the woman I was a year ago.


Even though I have been on the path to Higher Self since 2011, I can honestly say that I have learned more since my stoner birthday in Feb 2017 than I have up until that point. The speed of change and enlightenment within/of myself has helped me blossom rapidly. As I just pointed out, I am almost unrecognizable as a person.

Every time someone points it out to me, I can’t help but laugh. I truly am the happiest I have been in my life, even through situations that have been very, very challenging. Some days are better than others and some days are positively great, but at the end of each one, I am happy still. I’m learning and practicing to begin and end each day by choosing to be happy.

I want to choose levity, not gravity –and I’m not only referring to getting stoned, though that is a valid point 😆. I’m saying I want to choose to tell myself everyday that I am awesome and good so that I can deliver my light to other people. If I am always down in the dumps, how much positivity is present? Not much. That means that I am then causing negative impacts to other people. 10:01


10:02 A couple of hours ago, we started watching Lisa Nichols interviews on YouTube and she spoke very firmly about affirming herself daily and rigorously. Ironic? I don’t think so. Affirmations were on my mind and the universe gave me exactly what I wanted. I only had to think it and Bam! Just like that, I watched something that prompted me to do what I already knew I should have done.

I digress. She said that she affirmed herself  7 times a day with variations of 3 core sentences:

  1. “I Am Proud That You…”
  2. “I Forgive You (for)…”
  3. “I Commit to You…”

Each time I heard her say it again, it became more inspiring. Needless to say, by the end of the last video, I was affirming myself. And because I affirmed myself, I decided to write because I knew I wanted to do so. I made a choice to not let myself down.

I don’t know if you buy into all of these things that I’m saying, but my one hope is that some seemingly random person will read this and be inspired to make him/herself happy. If that person is you, please know that there’s at least one other person ( me 🤗) who believes you have the power to change your life and you CAN do it! You can. YOU CAN! 10:31

Til Next Time,

Hardy HarThe Pursuit of Higher Self

Active High Sesh: Big Mouth, Bigger High

Hey tokers! Welcome back to my page. This blog post was actually written October 24, 2017, but for whatever reason, I never posted it. I am here to remedy that right now! 

On this night, Dean had the brilliant idea to make a super hybrid! It’s always exciting to try new mixes. I’ve smoked and documented these individual strains before so it was interesting to me to try them all at once. This is probably one of my favorite combos. 

It was relaxing and social, but the indica notes present in the combo provided that focus I am addicted to. Granted, there were plenty of times I got distracted, I can say that I was still able to get quite a bit accomplished that night. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the read and visit me again soon! 



Menu: Jack Herrer (sativa) + Blue Dream (hybrid) + Platinum Dutch Treat (hybrid)

Food: Some delicious fajita style chicken and veggies sans the tortilla and Cascadian Farm Honey Oat granola cereal. Lol Random as f*ck!

7:41 We started smoking about 45 mins (I think) ago, but I didn’t start taking notes until now. So, Dean and I have been watching this show called Big Mouth on Netflix. Guys, let me tell you something: I have NEVER laughed so hard at a show! It’s one of those animated adult cartoons like South Park, but WAY funnier! I mean, this shit is 100% relatable AND it tackles major stereotypes and social problems by making you think and laugh hilariously! Just watch it because my description is not doing it justice! 7:46

7:48 Earlier, I asked 20 other cannabis users which of them smoked for depression/anxiety. Only two female smokers responded and they both had similar experiences to mine: anxiety and/or depression prone, but functional. The first half of the day, I was chipper, excited, and motivated. By the second half of the day, I began to feel down in the dumps. Guys, this rollercoaster of despair only ever occurs when I am on my period!! I had PMS prior to Feb 2017, but since I started smoking weed, I feel like I have the WORST PMS ever and it lasts the whole period and not just the beginning like before!! Sorry for the TMI, but for the female smokers out there, maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying. I feel like I need to smoke more than my usual amount to compensate for the PMS, otherwise I crash. It’s crazy. Has anyone else felt this way? 7:54

Yeah…this pretty much sums it up!

7:56 Dean and I are talking about what we think is happening when my emotions get like this. He said, when we first met, my regular demeanor was at a baseline of negativity. Meaning, feeling down was normal, so I could function very well there. When I started progressing and making small changes (those turned into bigger changes) in my life, my baseline became more positive, meaning feeling HAPPY became the norm. So, when my hormones come in and shit on my life (thanks Mother Nature), it drags me back to that negative space and I can’t handle it! That’s the rollercoaster! It totally makes sense now why it hits me so hard. Being a Debbit Downer simply isn’t normal to me anymore. I have moved passed that, even prior to smoking weed in February. The difference is that I feel freer in general. I hope this makes sense to you. We could be way off base, but that seems to make so much sense right now. It describes exactly what I am experiencing. 8:04

8:11 We just hit a dead zone in our exciting conversation. Lol. We were so hyped up about our business ideas and then we just went back to working: me with the blog post, him with his business Instagram page. Ya’ll, he for real started the day with 500 followers. It is 8:12 pm on the same day and he now just reached 17k (Now over 40k)!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are freaking out! He even has his own trending hashtag!!! So damn exciting! Now I need to implement what he did on my shit and watch this blog take off! ::kicks self in ass:: lol! 8:15

Ha! Me trying to focus when I am high.

8:21 About the high: Well, this is some type of homemade hybrid again (we have the habit of getting locked into a pattern of the same thing) featuring Jack Herrer + Bluedream + Dutch Platinum. It’s got that harsh, vampire thirst throat burn that I absolutely loathe! I always know when we are smoking JH because it is such a harsh inhale to me. The motherfucker will get you high, but it’ll burn your throat out in the process! Anyway, this combo is one hell of a cocktail! I feel so much better than I did before, but mellow at the same time. Euphoria isn’t present, but I don’t even care because the high is so uplifting! Really good combo! I bet I will sleep like I’m in a coma. Haha! Love those deep sleeps! 8:25

8:29 We’re back to watching Big Mouth and it just refuses to disappoint! The jokes are just soooooo inappropriate and hilarious! This is the perfect high-sesh-thing to watch! As it is, I could barely finish this note because I was laughing so hard. If you’re sensitive, don’t watch it. If you’re open minded and/or high, go for it!! You won’t regret it! 8:36


9:20 Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost two hours! We finished all of Big Mouth and were so sad that we couldn’t continue to watch the show that we started it over from the beginning! This first episode is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Lmao! It is ridiculously funny! (In case you didn’t notice, I am totally BAKED right now!) 9:22

9:24 Dean went to make himself some tacos and I sorta accidentally smoked like 90% of what was left in the bowl! LMAO! I literally started stifle-laughing so he wouldn’t hear me! He’s gonna be in for an unhappy surprise when he comes back! 😂​ Actually, there’s a chance that he may be too baked to even notice. We shall see. 9:27

9:35 He noticed. 😂😂😂​ Refill time, please! 9:35

9:46 This show…OMG please watch it! So, it’s been two hours since I started typing this. Feels like it’s been about an hour. I can’t get over the weird thing that happens to time when you’re inebriated by whatever preferred substance (i.e. alcohol, mushrooms, etc.). What is it about time when we are high? I need to look that shit up and read someone else’s thoughts about it. Haha. Anyway, I am going to call it quits for the night. It’s been 2 hours and a thousand words later, cheerio, dahlings!

Til next time,

Hardy Har

The Pursuit of Higher Self


Unicorns and Mary Jane: A Halloween Story

This post was written on 11/1/17, but due to technical difficulties, the post is a day late.


Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by again. Today’s post is a recap on Halloween 2017 for me and mine.

The Kiddo dressed up as an “alicorn,” but everyone just kept calling her a unicorn (mom included). If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “WTF is an alicorn?” Well, my friends, please step into the realm of 10-year-old girl interests. An alicorn is a unicorn with wings! You got it! Mama was a Unicorn and had the hots for daddy, a Pegasus and BAM! An alicorn was born! Haha! Please feel free to thank My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for that fascinating, fairy-tale biology lesson.

Anyway, she was truly, the prettiest little unicorn/alicorn thingy ever! It was a total DIY costume comprised of things we already owned with the addition of some Dollar Tree buys to make her unicorn horn headband. I gotta admit, I impressed myself with how well the headband looked. Unfortunately I was too lazy forgot to make ears for it, but I doubt anyone but me noticed.

Halloween has never been one of those days that ever really interested me. I never have been much of a candy eater and I always loathed trick-o-treating as a kid. In fact, my mom used to force me to go every year because she loved/loves it so much! For me, dressing up was fun, but outside of that, meh, no interest. If it didn’t involve a scary movie night in, it was a pass for me.

Introducing The Kiddo (and witchy photo bomber). Isn’t she lovely?!

Fast forward to parenthood and The Kiddo is ALL ABOUT Halloween. She loves it from top to bottom: the costume, the school parade, and the trick-o-treating. Ironically enough though, she doesn’t eat any candy except chocolate. She always picks out all the nut-less chocolate treats from her haul and gives the rest to others (us, grandparents, neighbors, etc). I eventually throw it away, but we all enjoy picking out our fave here and there.

This Halloween, I decided to approach it with a whole new attitude! As you know, Dean and I usually have our high seshes in the evenings, so I was faced with a dilemma of having to trick-o-treat instead of blaze! Haha! Yeah, it’s that much of a priority for me. So, what did I decide to do? Smoke BEFORE we left, of course! I figured it would be an awesome idea and allow me to actually have fun trick-o-treating instead of being a poop.

The Kiddo and I got home from school around 3 and she hung out with Nana and Papa at their house (next door) while Dean and I toked it up at my house. Why not? We had three hours to kill before heading out for the spooky adventure.


Can I just say that I am SO happy we did that?! I uttered not a single complaint about the uphill walking, the limited houses giving out treats (I suspect this has something to do with the World Series), or anything at all. I was just a free, fun-loving, awesome mom out with her family begging strangers for candy. I can honestly say it was my first time thoroughly enjoying trick-o-treating.

The Alicorn had such a great time with us. She laughed, played, ran, and was so happy to see her mommy have fun, too. Looking back on it, what occurred was me being my best self in that moment and it cost me absolutely nothing.

Not only did we all have fun together, but I also got some really great photos! Gotta admit I was pretty impressed with some of the shots I took. I mean, I’m no pro, but hey, I dig them and maybe you will, too. All the pictures featured on this post were shot by yours truly and are from last night.

One of the pictures I took. Not too shabby!


Moral of the story? This was a major win for me personally. I could actually feel and see the changes I have made in my life working in that moment. Sure the weed helped, but if I am being totally honest, I knew I didn’t need to smoke to loosen up. I know I have already begun implementing changes in my daily life to make sure that each interaction reaches is optimal point. I don’t always reach it, and some days are certainly harder than others, but I work on it daily.

I have changed so much that I am becoming one of those happy, carefree people who bring happiness instead of negativity to others. There are people who live their lives like that daily. We all know who they are. They are the ones drowning in happiness and success. I’ve wanted to be one of those people all my life and thanks to my medical marijuana, I am becoming one more and more.

Thanks for reading.

Hardy Har

The Pursuit of Higher Self