Hell’s Angel and the comeback of Glass Castle

Weed Menu: Hell’s Angel (leftovers from previous smokes) + Strawberry Cough
Medium: Glass Castle (bong)

7:33: So, I took the first hit and it’s been a cool minute since I smoked out of the bong, Glass Castle and DAMN!!! THAT SHIT FUCKED ME UPPPPPP!!! I love the intensity of trying something for the first time after not having it for a while. There’s this major rush that steals my breath away for a few seconds. Then my heart rate speeds up and I can feel my head begin to take its trip. Such an awesome feeling. 7:34

7:47: We decided to make chili dogs for the sesh tonight and are now tearing them up, yo!! Dean is already done and I’ve only eaten half of one!!! Dean is super high, guys. I mean, HIGH AS A KITE! 7:50

8:05: I could barely type the time! I am still trying to eat this last hot dog! Lol lord! I’ve been texting with my friend, laughing with Dean, and of course writing these notes! Lol I am so fucked up right now!!!! 8:06

8:16: Just took my third hit, small but mighty. Dean just noticed we are wearing the opposite shoe of the same pair of flip flops! I have the right one and he has the left. We are cracking up!! He is also stumbling over his words! 😂😂😂😂8:17

8:26: Wow! Exactly ten minutes since last comment! Anyway, we got our usual playlist on: Bob Marley. Now we’re vibin’ — or maybe I should say “Jammin.” I’m documenting and humming along and Dean is too, now! Cant help but get in the happy positive mood with Bob on. Man was so amazing! 8:28

8:33: GROOVING to Bob, man!!!! My favorite song is playing: Is This Love. Such a good way to express love, genuine and true love, to anyone. It’s so beautiful. Not to mention it has such a nice arrangement. *Sigh* 8:34

8:38: That watermelon is 🔥! [Haha Dean brought out some watermelon… clearly]. 8:38

9:05: Apparently I hit a new low, guys. About 10 mins ago, I took the stale cheese puffs bag out of the trash and commenced to eating them. Dean is appalled!! Calm down. The bag was sitting ontop of a paper towel and he had just put it there. Lol Ok…yeah, that’s cray. Haha 😂😂 9:05

Note: This portion was written after the High Sesh

So apparently the cut-off time for me ranges from 9:00-10:00 pm. Yeah, I’m old now. Lol! Anyway, I was PMSing HARD around this time and as usual, a smoke sesh made me less of a bipolar monster and more of friendly, loving person. Man, PMS is truly one of life’s torture devices! I said all that to say that if you’re a woman who suffers with serious mood swings, backaches, and mind-numbing cramps, then I strongly advise you to pull up a chair and grab a blunt, bong, pipe, or whatever and toke up. You (and your uterus) will thank me later.

Cheerio, friends, until next the post!

Hardy Har


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