7/25/17 7:45 pm

Dabbed around 7:35

Menu: BLACK LIME + TANGY mixture

7:47: Decided it would be a good idea to document my HS sesh, but as a blog post! So yes, I am hiiiiiiiigggggghhhhh guys!!! This is what I do when I am smoking: i take notes. I like to document the experience of each session. We try so many different types of premium kush that we are able to make these killer combos. Each combo is unique and each experience is different. I like to document the differences. At the end of this blog post, I will re-write the menu and provide a list of benefits (anxiety, physical pain, etc.). 7:49

7:49: Dean just experienced a surge. He just said “this shit is fucking INTENSE!” Yeah, Tangy always digs her feet in. That shit is a BEAST!! BTW, I am super focused right now. I have a thousand ideas and thoughts swirling around in my mind, but I am still intently taking these notes! I love this feeling! I feel like I am in total control of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. It feels good. 7:52

7:53: That was the longest one minute, though!!! LOL!!!

7:59: Finally got my ridiculous phone powered back on after 8 hours of it being off! Guys, do yourself a favor and DO NOT get a Motorolla phone!! The batteries are SHIT! Okay, side note: Dean was straight up over here beating on his chest for a cool 10-15 seconds. hahaha! Wtf? 8:01

8:03: Texting with my aunt. She has me cracking up! Now that’s a chick who is in desperate need to get high! She scared, though. Hahaha! Don’t worry, guys. I’ll break her! LOL! 8:05

8:16: Been chatting my favorite Cuba group. Though my phone is still a piece of shit, at least the charge is holding better. It hasn’t gone down too quickly (mind you, it’s on the charger). POS phone! >:O Dean is ordering pizza. Yay! ūüėÄ 8:18

8:42: Well, my phone is now at 9%. POS… Dean went to get the pizza about 5 minutes ago. 8:43

8:45: Feeling a vibrating sensation around my ears. Feels like my head is full of energy, but I haven’t gotten out of the bed yet. I have just been focused on typing and interacting with Dean and FB. I don’t feel lethargic, though. I know that if I get up, I will be up for a while. This energy I have would be great in a workout. I’d put this under the cardio-exercise category. It’s the perfect combination of focus and energy. 8:47

8:51: You ever wonder how you can hardly take anything at face value anymore? I mean, everything can be altered, chopped, and photoshopped! Things we used to consider irrefutable (like videos) are now questionable! It is the most annoying thing. We are a society that teaches distrust and proves corruption. You feel me or am I alone in this thinking? Hmm… 8:52

8:55: One of the things I love about being high is how lost in my thoughts I can become. In my day-to-day life, I rarely sit alone with my thoughts. I am always engaging my mind outside my psyche (FB, Dean, pets, etc.). It is really a freeing feeling to just contemplate things. It doesn’t even matter what I think about. It could be something silly, funny, sad, philosophical, inventive –anything, really. I especially like to focus in on a problem that needs solving in my life. I take full advantage of my sharper thinking capabilities when I am high. I become very calculating. I am happy to take risks because I can assess the risk very well when I am high. When I’m not high, my self-doubt, anxiety, and generally over-emotion state of mind is unable to process information in the same way. Many facts and important details are overlooked. When I’m high, I feel mentally powerful and emotionally positive. That is exactly how I am feeling now. 9:01

9:02: Dean is back. Chow time. nom nom nommmm!! Actually, he’s feeding the kids so while I am waiting (yes, I am that spoiled), I think it’s a good time to check out some of these settings on wordpress. I need to figure out how to use these blasted features! 9:04

9:21: Okaaay, now that I’ve knocked back two slices of pizza, I’m ready to find ¬†a movie a chill! This is out nightly routine, anyway –watching a show or movie. Then I will likely pass out because, ya know, I LOVE my sleep. So with that, and all the rest, I bid you all a good night (or day)!


Hardy Har

P.s. I’ll have to post the menu and keywords later! Lol





Productive Flower Power


Howdy friends! Oh, look at that –I’m back with ANOTHER new blog post so soon! Shocking, I know, but there’s a reason for that and I bet you can guess exactly what it is! If your hazy mind went straight to the obvious answer (marijuana), then¬†congratulations, Captain¬†Obvious, you hit the nail on the head (I mean, duh, what else would it be about? This is a weed blog, ain’t it?)!¬†Yes,¬†guys, my sudden burst of productivity is solely due to the power of these beautiful flowers! Now, if you are¬†one of those people still holding onto the outdated¬†stereotype of lazy, stupid-giddy, slacking hippies, then grab a chair and learn something new, because the average “stoner” these days is highly accomplished and a super producer! You may be wondering how toking everyday¬†now and then can help you be more productive when every D.A.R.E. pamphlet and TV commercial you saw growing up (and even now) proclaim loudly how detrimental and dangerous weed is! I mean, after all, it is a “gateway drug,” right [insert major fucking eye roll here]? Okay, let me break this down for you.

As human beings, we have a completely amazing neurotransmitter stored in our brains called dopamine. Sound familiar? Yeah, I am sure you have heard of it. Dopamine is a chemical in our brain responsible for the communication between our brain and the rest of our body. While dopamine is present in the brains of all animals, only humans have copious amounts, which ultimately evolved us to the dominant species. So, what does dopamine have to do with weed? Well, when we smoke or eat cannabis, large amounts of dopamine are released within the brain. Usually the dopamine chemical is regulated by another neurotransmitter called GABA; however, the THC relaxes the function of GABA. This chemical reaction is what allows marijuana users to feel relaxed, happy, adventurous, creative, aaaand ::drum roll:: FOCUSED! Okay, so now you know how this shit works! That’s pretty amazing, right?

I hope I’ve got your wheels turning because now you should be asking yourself, “if that’s what’s happening behind the scenes in our brains when we smoke weed, then why do we have the lazy stoner stereotype? The answer to that is simple: propaganda! Much like how alcohol was illegal and stigmatized, marijuana has suffered a similar, more extreme fate. The media has been used to push the image of ¬†lazy, unmotivated, slacking smokers because “the powers that be” don’t want people reaching their HSs. When people can easily, and affordably, buy a bag of weed, why would we need expensive, addiction forming drugs like Ritalin? Yup, put your conspiracy theorist hat on and start asking and answering those questions! I’m sure you’ll find there are far more benefits to marijuana than disadvantages!

Til next time, friends…

Hardy Har


Emotions + Marijuana


Okay guys, let’s talk mental and emotional wellness. You all don’t know [well, you¬†do now] that I was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD a couple of years ago. So, what exactly does that mean for me? In regards to the anxiety, anything can cause me a huge amount of stress. It can be as common as financial woes or as personal as having lost a loved one that can literally send me into a full on mental assault. Luckily for me, I am not one of the sufferers that has panic attacks; however, if something hits that “anxiety button” in my head, I can become deeply rooted in the whirlwind that is comprised of my negative emotions. Not only does that chaotic whirlwind hit me, but it swallows me up and it becomes nearly impossible to get out. It feels a lot like drowning. Logically, I know that “this too shall pass,” but I become unable to stop the cycle of fear and feelings of hopelessness. With the PTSD sprinkled in there, it was hard for me to allow casual and affectionate touching; be comfortable in large crowds; or do something as simple as party at a straight club (yes, I only used to go to gay clubs because that’s where I felt the most comfortable). All that sounds shitty and limiting, right? Oh, trust me, it is. So what does this have to do with weed? Well, keep reading, my dear friends. This is about to get interesting!

Prior to smoking marijuana, I was¬†accustomed to the constant bats butterflies in my stomach, headaches, and heart palpitations. It was a regular part of my daily life; sure it was annoying, but it felt a lot like breathing. When I began the smoking the good stuff, I began to access my “higher self.”¬†Higher Self (HS), in addition to actually being “high,” it also refers to the state of mind that is above the lower self (LS), which is¬†mostly the level at which many of us function. Confusing? Okay, think of it this way:¬†HS is that part of you that rises above the bullshit, pushes through the pain, and accomplishes what it set out to do.¬†HS¬†has only one goal: happiness. Anything that does not¬†lead to happiness¬†simply doesn’t exist to HS. For¬†example, my HS knows working out daily is necessary and will ultimately allow me to reach my goal of a healthy lifestyle, which equals (you guessed it) happiness! Now, without smoking, the likelihood of me following through on any goal I set for myself is a longshot and a half! It doesn’t mean I don’t want to achieve things, but the mental blocks on my HS are too strong for my to penetrate. Oh, but when my beloved Mary Jane seeps into my blood stream and permeates my mind, there is absolutely NOTHING I cannot or will not do to obtain my happiness!

I suddenly become this bustling, active, CONFIDENT, positive, thought-provoking, risk-taking super woman! Small annoyances like Dean constantly leaving bottle caps off of full water bottles becomes much less annoying and I am able to communicate my distaste for the behavior in a constructive manner. My relationship with my daughter instantly skyrockets, too! I loosen up and become fun and positive. I can work with her through a tough moment without ever once eroding her self-esteem or getting mad. I’m telling you, it is truly amazing and feels WONDERFUL! In a nutshell: I become a different person. I have documented many of my smoke seshes, both audio and written, and I have determined that it is almost like I become a different person. My likes and dislikes change; my ability to be constructively self-aware is alive and fully engaged; and I become hyper aware of the impact I have on others. I cannot even begin to tell you how many “ah-ha” moments I have when I’m high! It’s like the warden of my mental prison let my HS out on a day pass. You feel me? I know I am not the only one who gets this or has a similar experience. To that end, share your thoughts and experiences with me. I am always interested to know how medical marijuana has shaped the lives of others.